who we are

Trevor and I started our partnership over seven years ago, and gained three feline friends along the way (we're done, we swear!).  My name is Alice Grindling. I studied theatre in NYC and Trevor studied filmmaking on scholarship.  We met on set, and knew our partnership was something special. We found partners in story-telling, and partners for life.  Through that Terraform was born.  We also create all kinds of awesome non wedding related content.  Check out our other half at terraformentertainment.net.

how we work

We go with the flow, and know that the best things happen naturally.  We love working with photographers, and we know you chose them for a reason.  Generally we simply film what is happening in the moment.  But most importantly we get the footage we think each couple will treasure the most.  That is one of the reasons we love meeting with clients and getting to know them, getting a feel for who they are and what their unique partnership is like.  We don't use any large rigs or stabilization equipment.  It's hard to document something if you get in the way.  Our films have a documentary style just for that purpose.  It's important for us to capture your day without taking over.

on terraforming

We believe that people shape the earth.  When people integrate their lives they are making a commitment to face challenges and solve problems together, whatever the world has in store.  And those are the kinds of people who alter our future.   


"Terra" means earth. To form is to "bring together parts or combine to create (something)." We know that the couples we work with are shaping our world with love, and we are passionate about creating films that will transport you back to the magic and drama of your wedding day ten years from now.  

Wonderful people who took time to get to know us and what our vision was.  We were very happy!"


Terraform Weddings serves NYC, the Hudson Valley, Albany, and beyond.

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