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"It was so well-balanced and captured so much of why I love my wife and the relationship we have. It is timeless, and we will treasure it forever!"-Phil  

"Skilled filmmakers with an eye for creativity and style..their superior interpersonal skills put me at ease and allowed me to

enjoy my special day

       to the fullest." -Ariel                                                                                                                               

"...this is unbelievable! we love it!! so so so sweet. I happen to be with my family for the long weekend & of course my dad teared up while watching :) Tim & I love the voice over of our officiant & our vows - and you happened to use one of our favorite parts of the ceremony, when our officiant talks about holding each others hands and growing old with one another." -Ali 

Vanessa & Mauritz

Shawen & Andy 

Stephanie & Taz

Ariel & Chris

Kate & Phil

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